Toyota C+pod Ultra-Compact Battery Electric Vehicle

The Toyota C+pod Ultra-Compact Battery Electric Vehicle – Minuscule EV With RWD, Plastic Body, And 12 HP.

The Japanese automaker is just right on time as it reveals the Toyota C+pod – the production version of the previous Ultra-Compact BEV concept. Toyota aims to provide mobility in a pint-sized package with this model, perfect for urban or even community application.

The Toyota C+pod is 98 inches long, 50.8 inches wide, and 61 inches. The exterior panels of this EV are also made of plastic to help reduce weight, only tipping the scales at 690 kilograms.

The C+pod is powered by an electric motor that draws power from a lithium-ion battery rated at 9.06 kWh. The small EV can reach up to 150 kilometers in one single charge, but don’t expect to get there in the shortest time possible. The electric motor can only send 12.3 horsepower and 56 Newton-meters of torque to the rear wheels, with a top speed of 60 km/h.

The Toyota C+pod is now on sale in Japan with a starting price of 1,650,000 Japanese yen. Toyota did not disclose its availability globally.

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