Tesla Model S and Model X – Updated Steering Wheel and Built-In Game Console

Tesla Model S and Model X.

Tesla has timed the premiere of the updated flagship models, the Model S liftback and the Model X crossover. Both electric vehicles received a new interior, which can be described as a transitional one on the way to full autonomous driving.

Last year, Tesla launched a public beta testing of the Full Self Driving program in the United States, that is a full fledged autopilot. Tesla equipped with Full Self Driving in good visibility conditions are able to make independent many hours of travel including sophisticated city routes with complex road junctions and chaotic traffic.

Advances in autopilot explain, why the interiors of the flagship Model S and Model X have changed. The traditional steering wheel is no longer required here since the driver as conceived by the developers with the introduction of the Full Self Driving program will rarely turn to it. Instead of a steering wheel there is now a more compact steering wheel without a closed rim and the steering column levers have disappeared from the column to which it is attached. It is assumed that the autopilot will now also control the light and turn signals but the ability to manually turn on the turn signals and headlights still remains using touch panels and rotating drums on the steering wheel.

In light of the smooth transition to fully autonomous driving the entertainment capabilities of the Model S and Model X have been significantly expanded a powerful gaming computer and an 8-inch monitor for rear passengers on which you can run modern video games controlled via a wireless joystick improved integration with video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Twitch, a karaoke function and a new premium audio system with 22 speakers and active noise cancellation.

The interior design has been almost completely redesigned, new door cards and finishing materials a new visually lighter front panel with hidden air ducts a 17-inch horizontal multimedia screen instead of the previous vertical one a new 12.3 inches drivers dashboard which is mainly needed to track the autopilot in real time.

All seats, steering wheel, and windshield are heated, the front seats also have a built in ventilation system their own USB-C port is provided for each passenger. Three zone climate control is standard. The smartphone acts as a key.

The Exterior, there are also small changes a new more laconic design of bumpers, fog lights have disappeared from the front, a new design of rims, instead of chrome black décor.

A new gradation of modifications with improved hardware has been timed to coincide with the update. The basic twin engine all wheel drive version of the Model S is now called Long Range, without the previous Plus attachment. Peak power of 679 horsepower, acceleration to 100 kilometer per hour in 3.2 seconds, top speed of 250 kilometer per hour, power reserve on one charge, 663 kilometer according to EPA.

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