Subaru New Generation SUV

The New Generation Subaru SUV.

The Subaru will launch a new generation SUV called Evoltis, according to the foreign media. Its body size is similar to the RAV4. It will be built on the Toyota TNGA platform and will have the latest Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 safety system and Level 3 autonomous driving technology.

Tt is reported that this Evoltis will be a pure electric SUV with excellent Endurance and all wheel drive system, as for horsepower, torque and battery capacity, there is currently no more news.

Then comes the equipment and technology. Subaru new Evoltis may be equipped with Subaru Eyesight-X or Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 advanced active safety equipment and Level 3 autopilot technology will also be introduced. Not only that, it is reported that wireless charging sockets, entertainment consoles that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, full LCD instruments, and (HUD) head up displays will appear on this Evoltis. It seems that this SUV is the main technology and wisdom.

In terms of appearance design, foreign media said that Evoltis will have the latest family design, equipped with sharp LED lamp design, sci-fi styling and aggressive body, creating a more futuristic visual effect. As for the interior, it is just said that with technology as the theme, there are a small number of physical buttons, and most of the controls are solved by touch screen.

The Subaru new generation SUV is reported to debut in 2022 at the earliest. It is expected the SUV version of 86 and BRZ?

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