Smart #1 New Crossover EV

Smart #1 New Crossover EV A Joint Venture Between Mercedes-Benz and Geely

This is the first product between the joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely for the reorganized Smart brand.

Smart Automobile a joint venture between Mercedes Benz and Geely announced the name of its first crossover, the production version will be called simply #1, the # sign, as conceived by marketers will emphasize the connection novelties with the modern digital world. Now the crossover is undergoing development tests, a full fledged premiere is expected in the coming months.

The Smart #1 Concept, measures 168.9 inches long. The production version appears to have very similar proportions, so it should be around the same size. There are no powertrain details about the Smart #1. It rides on the Geely Sustainable Experience Architecture. The underpinnings run on an 800 volt architecture and can support up to three electric motors.

The Smart plans to add a larger crossover to its lineup later. The company does not plan to offer either model in the United States. Instead, the focus is on Europe and China.

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Smart #1 New Crossover EV | Joint Venture Between Mercedes-Benz and Geely

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