Porsche Vision Renndienst Concept

The Porsche Vision Renndienst Minivan Six Seats And Driver In The Center.

Porsche traditionally uses the Volkswagen Transporter as technical equipment and on the basis of the third generation of this commercial model in the eighties, a small scale charged minibus Porsche B32 with a 231 horsepower flat six from the Porsche 911 was created.

The front of the cabin is made in the manner of the McLaren F1 and its modern reincarnation Gordon Murray T.50: the driver sits in the center, and the passengers of the second row are to the right and left of him, but shifted back. The front panel is intended for three at once: entertainment screens for passengers, a virtual instrument panel with six traditional Porsche circles for the driver.

The power plant of the Vision Renndienst is electric, but which one, Porsche does not say. Perhaps, the minivan simply does not have a real technical filling, just as there are no serial prospects. This does not mean that there will be no one box in the Porsche range, bearing in mind that the Porsche B32 is of great interest to car collectors today, the company may launch a similar project based on the upcoming ID electric minivan. The MEB platform and offer its own, sportier version with a modified chassis and more powerful electric motors.

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Porsche Vision Renndienst Minivan Concept

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