Nissan new 3-row seat SUV Cross Motion will debut in October 2021

The three-row SUV model based on the concept SUV Cross Motion (Nissan New Xmotion) announced by Nissan at the Detroit Motor Show 2018 will appear, the sense of size is a full model. The changed version and the new “X-Trail” will also be larger.

The competing models include the Mazda CX-8, including the new Toyota Harrier, and the Lexus RX300 / RX450h / RX450hL, with a 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engine in the power train. It is planned that a lineup of e-POWER technology and a 3.5-LV 6-cylinder hybrid will be added to the lineup.

In particular, for the latter V6 hybrid model, it is said that a 1-motor 2-clutch parallel hybrid system completely different from e-POWER will be adopted, but perhaps “IMQ” which is rumored to appear in July 2021. It may be enough to listen to the information until some more reliable information is available.

By the way, the “Cross Motion” announced at the Detroit Motor Show 2018 is a concept car that Nissan suggested one of the directions of Nissan brand design after 2020, not to mention V-motion grill, boomerang type. It is a unit that shows a high-grade preference that incorporates headlights, high gloss black paint, carbon style design, etc.

Although the power train was not clearly shown, it is highly likely that it will become Nissan’s flagship SUV in the market, and its dynamics are said to be well-understood as a global model.

Watch for more details:

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