Next-Gen Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace next-generation model, electrification in 2023.

The first Toyota Hiace has been a driving force in the Japanese commercial van market since its introduction in 1967. With body specifications such as high roof, wide, and long, it is loved not only for commercial use but also as a hobby car. The current model is the 5th generation that appeared in 2004 and although it is a commercial vehicle with a long model life 17 years have passed at the moment.

The new Hiace appeared in the Philippines in 2019 but this is a different thing from the Japanese Hiace as the Japanese specification has been introduced as Granace. In other words, the next generation Hiace, which is expected to appear for the first time in 18 years should literally be the Hiace for Japan.

The world premiere of the next Hiace is expected within 2022 and PHV are expected to appear within 2023.

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Toyota Hiace Next-Generation Model and Electrification in 2023

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