New Honda Pure EV Sports Car

Rumor has it that Honda is developing a new pure EV supercar with the motif of the successor model of NSX & Honda e.

This is the image rendering of Honda new generation pure EV sports car released this time. The name has not been clarified yet and since it is an image rendering it cannot be said that it will actually appear in this design so we cannot say anything, but as an exterior it is stylish and extreme unique to the 2-door sports coupe.

It has a form and a style base similar to NSX.The front hood has the same charging port as the Honda e, but you cannot tell whether the design is good or bad, and how easy it is to use until you actually become the owner.

The side mirrors have been abolished and the same digital mirrors as Honda e have been adopted. The tires it is expected that sporty with low flatness and large diameter will be installed but the specific size feeling is unknown.

It is said that there is information that the development vehicle has already entered and exited the head office in Aoyama, Tokyo, and it is thought that Honda has finally started efforts to expand the full scale EV model. Moreover, is the second pure EV a sports model? In that case, the expected value is likely to rise as a manufacturer that is a bit different from other Honda automobile manufacturers.

The successor model to the NSX is an EV sports car based on the Honda e. Rumors of its appearance in 2023.

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New Honda Pure EV Sports Car

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