New Honda LEGEND Hybrid EX

The New Honda LEGEND Hybrid EX Equipped With Honda SENSING Elite.

The Honda flagship 4-door sedan type new Honda Legend released. The new Legend Hybrid EX with Honda Sensing Elite, equipped with the long awaited automatic driving level 3 for the first time in the world.

The model announced this time is an advanced model based on the existing grade Hybrid EX, so the Traffic Jam Pilot congestion driving function is automatically operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Autonomous driving level 3, it is an advanced technology that is suitable for conditional autonomous vehicles.

This allows the system to perform driving operations on behalf of the driver under certain conditions, such as during highway congestion, greatly reducing the drivers fatigue burden.

The exterior itself is based on the existing grade legend, but the front lower bumper area has been redesigned. It is equipped with blue accessory lamps and special aluminum wheels, and while casually claiming that it is a car equipped with an automatic driving device. It is said that it is improving the dignity and dignity as a flagship sedan. Due to international standardization, it is necessary to turn on the turquoise blue during automatic operation.

The interior, the type Legend Hybrid EX Honda Sensing Elite is equipped as standard with the Honda Sensing Elite indicator light and 12.3-inch full LCD graphic meter which are particular about the layout, size, color, and brightness.

It is a full digital liquid crystal meter following the Subaru New Levorg, but this meter is designed so that the operating status and operation requirements of the system can be intuitively transmitted to the driver.

Nevertheless, the very fact that, at least in Japan, and at least for traffic jams, drones have been officially legalized is very remarkable. Neither the US nor Europe has done this yet, so Tesla’s “full autopilot” is formally a Level 2 SAE system, and Audi was never able to activate its Level 3 autopilot on the flagship A8 sedan , although it introduced it back in 2017.

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