2021 Hyundai i20 N

It’ll compete against the Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI.

Powerful small cars seem to be a dying breed. There’s still the Ford Fiesta ST or VW Polo GTI. But the Cupra Ibiza, Audi S1, and Renault Clio R.S. are no longer granted. That’s why we followed the development of the new Hyundai i20 N all the more greedily. After various sightings and teasers, Hyundai now shows its full splendor.

2021 Genesis G70


The commitment to push limits runs in G70’s DNA. Its track-bred chassis will give you the confidence to conquer every corner, on or off the track. Together with a pair of free-revving turbocharged engines, G70 will deliver a rush of power, doing what G70 does best, finding the next limit.


“What makes driving a Genesis so exhilarating? We narrowed it down to reinforced driving performance and improved power performance, thus the concept of ‘Refined Performance’ became our underlying foundation.”

2021 Renault Megane eVision

Renault Megane eVision concept imagines the styling of an electric version of the brand’s five-door hatchback. It rides on the brand’s new modular CMF-EV platform for future EVs and uses one of the thinnest batteries on the market. A production version of this vehicle debuts in 2021.

The Renault Megane eVision’s offers a fresh vision of the classic five-door hatchback appearance. As an EV there’s not much need for a traditional grille, so the designers use this space to emphasize the lighting, including a strip of LEDs running the width of the nose. Scooped out sections of the hood create a central ridge that keeps the face from looking too flat.

2021 All-New Ford Territory

All-New Ford Territory

Dynamically Designed. Efficiently Engineered.

With the Ford DNA ingrained in its design, quality, and capability, the Ford Territory is designed and engineered following Ford’s highest global quality standards to deliver an all-in-one SUV package.

Safe, Smart and Stylish

Comfort and Convenience

The All-New Ford Territory comes with 10-inch touch screen with multi-view function, wireless charging, and more.

2021 Subaru Levorg STI Sport

Turbocharge your every day.

Rally-inspired. Family-approved. Sporty every way you look at it. The Levorg gives you the best of both worlds. With its ample boot space and the agility of a sports car, it’s the rally car for real life.