Morris Garages (MG) Cyberster Electric Roadster

MG Cyberster Electric Roadster Concept: Cyberster sports car may appear in its lineup.

The British brand MG belongs to the SAIC. Morris Garages has released its latest concept vehicle under its parent company SAIC Motors. Called the Cyberster Concept, the electric sports car was revealed over at SAIC Designs Instagram.

In the future, the automaker intends to expand the lineup with new electric cars, and sports cars. This conclusion suggests itself after the company showed a vision for the future of Morris Garages. The Cyberster concept, a two door roadster. Its public premiere will take place at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 21.

The Cyberster concept was developed at the SAIC Advanced Design Center in the UK. The emissions free roadster comes with a sultry styling at the front end, flowing through the body and ending abruptly at the Kamm tail. The rear ends particularly interesting with the Union Jack graphics formed by the LED lights, harkening back to the roots of the Sino British automaker. There are also additional LED strips on the body and a stylized British flag is visible in the design of the taillights.

The MG already confirmed that the Cyberster will be electric. It has a potential range of up to 805 kilometers, while the 97 kilometers per hour sprint is said to be rated below three seconds. The capacity of the traction battery has not yet been named.

It is hard to say if MG will ever make a production Cyberster, but it is important to note that the automaker has been toying with the idea of a halo sports car for quite some time.

Also, MG is planning to release a new compact hatchback the size of the MG3. It will have an electric filling that it will borrow from other models of the brand. Such a five door according to the plan will appear at the end of this year.

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