Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept

Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept Shows Off Styling In New Images.

Last December, premium brand Lexus, along with parent company Toyota, announced a slew of future electric models and is now posting pictures on Twitter to take a closer look at the design of some of the new products.

The Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept so that we can see the side and rear of the stylish four door. The Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept has a nose that arches steeply downward from the windshield. By EV standards, the inlets in the front fascia are quite large. Openings on each side of the hood tip appear to be for the headlights, but a skinny strip is the only visible element that would appear to function for illumination. The hood has a pair of vents on each side of it.

There are no visible exhaust pipes. The Lexus designers are planning the sedan as an EV. Although, a PHEV layout with hidden tailpipes. There was a view of the larger Lexus Electrified SUV concept.

Watch for more details:

Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept

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