Honda HR-X Next-Generation Pickup Truck

The Honda HR-X next-generation pure EV pickup truck.

The new Honda next-generation pure EV pickup truck, HR-X Del Sol. While having a mildness like Honda e, the suspension has a rugged off road specification. Unfortunately there are no plans for a real car to appear because it is an unofficial image rendering of Honda.

The new Honda next-generation pure EV model, the new Honda e 4-door city commuter is famous, but what about Honda new pure EV model. This rendering is published. This time, the rendering was created by digital artist Alexis Poncelet, and the styling base is a new 2-door coupe and pickup truck. Although the vehicle height is low, the tires are customized to off road specifications and finished in a mysterious design.

It is a strange styling that combines a 2-door sports coupe and a pickup truck, and if it is only rendering, it is often classified as a compact model or a medium or large size like a pickup truck. According to Alexis Poncelet, it will be in the category of small pickup truck coupe, so it may be a little more compact than the Civic hatchback.

The body style is unique, it seems to be a new category that never seen before and although it is a two seater. It improves practicality by providing a luggage compartment, but It may be the greatest feature of the HR-X Del Sol, that it can achieve both a low center of gravity and sporty driving that cannot be obtained with a pickup truck.

The door opens the same sideways as the conventional model, but it is full glass from the top roof to the front. The feeling of liberation seems to be quite good. Unlike the new Honda e, it uses a grilles bumper that does not have a duct, the headlight is a very compact horizontal LED and on the left side of the bumper you can see the H bumper that means Honda emblem.

The round headlights are a big feature of Honda e, but you can see that it inherits the black grilles bumper well.

This new Honda HR-X Delsol, created by digital artist Alexis Poncelet.

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