Honda Civic Mugen

New Mugen Equipped 2022 Honda Civic for New Zealand!!

Honda New Zealand announces a special edition MUGEN equipped Civic variant. in striking Premium Crystal Blue colour including Mugen Front Underspoiler, Side Underspoilers, Rear Underspoiler, Tailgate Spoiler, Grille Trim, Door Handle Protectors, Sill Garnishes and interior and exterior MUGEN emblems. This pricing is inclusive of all related costs to sourcing, painting & fitting the parts. Only $52,000 in NZ This this one of the most affordable MUGEN packages globally.

ALSO available in the form of Forged Wheels and a Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust system. The FS10 wheels are an all-new design with a machined face surface and black inserts. Thanks to their forged construction, a drop of 4kg un-sprung mass per corner is achieved improving driving dynamics in all environments.

New Mugen equipped 2022 Honda Civic for New Zealand!!

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