Honda City Hatchback Version

In November 2019, the full model remodeled version of the new generation global sedan was launched. A patent image of a derivative model “Honda City Hatchback”, was recently officially released, and a trademark application was filed with the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office under the name City Hatchback. We introduced what became clear.

And this time, overseas car news site has released a predicted rendering that painted the brand image of the new “City Hatchback”, but when it comes this far it is based on the new Fit 4. If the new sedan model City is hatchback that will be the new fit standing position? To the question.

Although it is a bit confusing, it is a new “city hatchback” that will appear as a 3 number C segment hatchback model instead of a 5 number B segment model, but the power train has the same displacement as the sedan type 1.0 liter series, equipped with a three cylinder VTEC turbo engine, it is expected to exhibit a maximum output of 120 horsepower and 5,500rpm and a maximum torque of 173Nm and 2,000rpm to 4500rpm.

The new City will continue to be sold in the Thai market. The sales are scheduled to end by the end of this year from Honda Dealer.

Although the official schedule and successor models are not clear. Honda is considering ways to reduce the number of models grades and options to be sold in the future. But there may be something that is considering discontinue.

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