Great Wall HAVAL X-DOG – A number of large screens are used in the car

Great Wall Haval brought an X-DOG concept car, which is one of the Haval Dog series.

The Haval Big Dog is a compact crossover SUV produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors under the Haval brand since 2020. The name Big Dog was chosen by the Chinese public in a poll written out by Haval. The body colors and trim levels are also named after dog breeds, starting from the entry Husky trim level up to the top Belgian Shepherd trim.

The official also announced the future models of the series and the pictures show that at least 5 Dog series products will be released.

This car also uses a hardcore design style similar to the appearance with a large number of horizontal and vertical lines. However, as a product that focuses on young people a number of large screens are used in the car including steering wheel LCD screens, LCD meters, central control LCD screens and LCD touch screens.

Watch for more details:

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