Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, GTAm Debut As Lightweight, 533 Horse Power Sedans

The individual announced this time is a high performance 4-door sedan that can be run on public roads, but only 500 units will be sold mainly to customers in the European market, but some will be allocated to the US market.

The Alfa Romeo GTA moniker is back as a hotter version of the Giulia Quadrifoglio. GTA stands for Gran Turismo Alleggerita or “Grand Touring Lightened” in English, and as such, the company sheds 221 pounds off this variant in comparison to the existing Quadrifoglio. The sedan can hit 62 miles per hour or (100 kilometers per hour) in 3.6 seconds. If you’re looking for more, the company also has the GTAm with just two seats, six-point harnesses, and a roll bar, while remaining fully street legal.

The “Alfa Romeo GTA” is an even higher performance model based on the “Julia Quadrifolio”, and “GTA” means “Gran Turismo Alleggerita = Grand Touring Lightened” which is a lightweight model.
Specifically, it is about 100kg lighter than the Quadrifolio, and the acceleration time of 0-100km per hour is only 3.6 seconds.

And the “GTAm”, which is a crazy grade than the “GTA”, is a 2-seater specification that completely eliminates the rear seat, and it is a gorigo racing type with a 6-point harness and a roll bar, but on a public road it is possible.

The powertrain, it is equipped with the same 2.9 liter V6 twin turbo engine as the Quadrifolio, tuned up from 505 horsepower to 533 horsepower, and further replaced the exhaust system with Akrapovic titanium exhaust pipe. It seems that the weight reduction and exhaust sound have also been significantly changed.

As for the exterior, the width of the front and rear tracks has been made 50mm wider, and the fenders have been made wider accordingly. The front end employs an intense active front splitter created through joint development with Sauber Engineering.

Alfa improves the GTA’s handling by widening the front and rear track by 2.0 inches or (50 millimeters). Broader fenders cover the additional width. New springs, shocks, and bushings update the suspension as further means to improve the handling.

In addition, sport suspension (spring, shock, bushing) dedicated to GTA has been adopted to greatly improve handling performance, and equipped with a rear diffuser and a 20-inch aluminum wheel with improved aerodynamic characteristics. GTAm is more special. It is equipped with a front splitter and a carbon fiber rear wing.

In addition, the use of carbon fiber parts for the hood, roof, front bumper and fender contributes to weight reduction.

Inside, Alfa covers the GTA’s cabin in Alcantara, including the dashboard, door panels, pillars, and center of the seats. The GTAm takes things further by using carbon fiber seats and covering the empty space in the back with Alcantara. It also has Lexan windows replacing the side and rear glass.

The GTAm has a luxurious design that uses an ultra-light full bucket seat with a carbon fiber frame, eliminates the rear seats, and uses Alcantara. It seems that the use of Lexan windows on the side and rear glass parts also contributes to weight reduction.

This model will be a special model only for the limited 500 vehicles mainly in the European market, and special accessories such as bell helmets, racing suits, racing gloves and racing shoes will also be provided. The owners will get to use this gear at a course from the Alfa Romeo Driving Academy.

Alfa’s info about the GTA and GTAm only applies to the European market, currently. It is not clear whether the company intends to offer these models elsewhere.

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