Abandoned Subaru Dealership

Subaru Dealership Has Been Abandoned Is Full of Pristine Time Capsule Cars.

This Abandoned Subaru, forgotten in time with a showroom full of early 1990’s Subaru Cars imported from Japan. A rare encounter to find such unmolested examples of these cars in the modern day, real life Time Capsule condition.

The Subaru market in this country can be a cutthroat place. That is why it is a good thing this abandoned dealership featuring zero mile, time capsule examples of some of the brands most iconic models is safely tucked away on the Mediterranean Island of Malta.

The showroom is located on the Island of Malta in the Mediterranean. Apparently the owner decided to shut up shop one day out of the blue leaving all the stock behind, possibly due to direct competition of another japanese import dealership opening in the vicinity.

One day in the mid 1990’s they closed the doors, disappeared and the showroom never reopened again. These collectible cars still remain in ghost like presence behind the glass facades of the Fuji Showroom.

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