2022 (ZX AUTO) ZTE G9 Pickup Truck

The most domineering Chinese domestic pickup truck, ZTE G9 unveiled, the gas field does not lose the Raptor smooth road.

The new pickup ZTE G9 officially debuted in China. The new car is offered in three appearance styles, passenger version, competitive version, commercial version, and will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The first domestically made full size large pickup truck. In terms of details, the headlights of the new car adopt an irregular shape. The main light source is a lens structure with chrome decoration. There are three LED light strips on the inside, the lower part is a turn signal, and a ring light strip. The whole light The group shape is very delicate and sharp. The position where the headlights and the fenders are connected is a step by step three dimensional shape, which looks very tough.

The side has a more square and tough styling. The prominent black wheel eyebrows are very rough. There is a black shark fin on the back of the front fender. The rearview mirror shell and door handle are painted in black. The wheels are also painted in black and the visual effect is very sporty.

The interior part, is completely designed like a passenger car. The center console uses shades of matching colors and it is also decorated with silver. The light colored center control panel is decorated with perforated leather wrapping. Good sense of luxury. The size of the large central control screen looks very large and manual gearbox also provides electronic handbrake and automatic parking functions.

In the chassis part, this ZTE G9 sports version uses a front double wishbone independent suspension, rear five link plus spiral spring, integral bridge suspension structure and the rear suspension also has anti roll bars, which is compared with traditional pickups. The leaf spring rear suspension will have better comfort and high speed stability.

In terms of power configuration, is equipped with a 2.3T diesel engine developed by Renault and Nissan, with a maximum of 163 horsepower and 380 Newton meter of peak torque. A gasoline version will be launched in the future, traditionally matched with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission.

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