2022 Toyota GR 86

The 2022 Toyota GR86 With Bigger Engine And More Power.

The new Toyota GR86 2022 has unveiled. It was reported that it was scheduled to appear in the fall of 2021 from Toyota official announcement. The new 86 sports car nearly five months after Subaru did the same with its BRZ rear wheel drive coupe.

The engineers have used aluminum for the roof and fenders, while making tweaks to the front seats and mufflers to cut fat as much as possible. The revised roof brings another major benefit by lowering the vehicles center of gravity, which should pay dividends in terms of handling.

The new Toyota GR86 was introduced with the concept of intuitive handling FR, but since this model has an ultra low center of gravity like the new BRZ, the engine does not use a turbocharger at all. It is equipped with a 2.4-liter horizontally opposed 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, produces 232 horsepower and 250 Newton meters of torque with the standard six-speed manual gearbox. Optionally, an automatic transmission with the same number of gears will be available. The upgraded engine has allowed Toyota to shave off 1.1 seconds from the sprint to 100 kilometer per hour, which now takes 6.3 seconds.

Unlike the new BRZ, it uses a large square shaped Functional Matrix Grill, which is typical of GR, instead of a front grill with a raised corner.

The rear view has many points in common with the new BRZ and the F-shaped rear tail lamp, dual exhaust pipes with one on each side, and the duck tail spoiler that overhangs greatly are impressive. According to Toyota, it also contributes to weight reduction by adopting aluminum material for the roof panel, further lowering the center of gravity, adopting aluminum material for the fender and improving the front seat and muffler.

After that, aiming for handling performance that makes you feel fun to drive in any speed range from city riding to limit driving, not only improve body rigidity, but also improve torsional rigidity by about 50 percent compared to the conventional type. It is also an important topic to improve the steering stability performance.

It is equipped with edgy single spoke aluminum wheels, the tire size is 215/40/R18 inches and the suspension is front MacPherson strut type, and the rear double wishbone type.

The interior uses a dashboard that is conscious of the horizontal tone, the meters are equipped with a 7-inch infotainment system and the navigation display is equipped with 8 to 9 inches, but surprisingly it is not a floating type, but inside the instrument panel. It is a good impression that it has been stored in. However, as you can see, it may be a bit disappointing that the electric parking brake and auto brake hold are not standard equipment. From the shape of the air vents, and seats to the switchgear and pedals, the 86 and BRZ have basically the same interiors. As far as safety is concerned, the automatic model makes use of Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology.

The GR86 is once again twinned with the BRZ as the two largely share the exterior design. The most obvious differentiator is the front grille design as we are finding Toyotas version to be slightly more aggressive. The grille is similar to what you will find on the GR Yaris hot hatch, and the LED headlights are not exactly the same as on the equivalent Subie.

The second-generation Toyota GR86 will go on sale in Japan this fall.

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