2022 Suzuki Alto

The 2022 New Suzuki Alto Rounded Shape and Easy Hybridization.

The new 9th generation Japanese kei car Suzuki Alto is one of the smallest and cheapest models in the Suzuki lineup. The new Suzuki Alto retains the squinting, pop eyed headlights that were one of the characteristic features of its predecessor, but their shape, as well as the Alto body shape, have become more rounded.

For the interior, the design continuity of the two generations of Alto is more obvious, the front panel with round ventilation deflectors is arranged in the same way as before, the microclimate unit has not changed and above it there is still a material slot for small things.

For the power configurations, there are no details about the technology yet, it is only known that the Alto small capacity gasoline engines, will receive a soft hybrid appendix in the form of a starter generator, and a small buffer battery.

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2022 New Suzuki Alto Rounded Shape and Easy Hybridization

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