2022 Renault Taliant

Renault Taliant is replacing the Symbol sedan.

The Turkish representative office of Renault has announced a new subcompact sedan Taliant, which differs from the related Romanian Dacia Logan not only by the emblem.

The Turkish Taliant differs from the Romanian new Logan by a false front grille with a proprietary renaissance cutout, larger headlights with LED daytime running lights squiggles, a larger cutout in the front bumper with chrome decor, repeating that of the false font grille, and original tail lights that go in. There are no photos of the salon yet, but it will certainly have its own peculiarities.

Renault Taliant will be on sale in the middle of this year, the engine line has not yet been announced. The main intrigue is whether the Taliant inherits from Symbol an economical and high torque 1.5-liter diesel engine, with 95 horsepower and 220Nm of torque. The new Turkish Dacia Sandero does not offer this engine, but it has a gas version.

The interior images have not been provided, although it is unlikely to stray away from the donor car. It should be the most spacious models in its class, not that there are many sedans left in the B-segment anyway now that crossovers and SUV have taken over.

The Turkish Renault Taliant, in theory, the Latin American should debut, in patent documents it surfaced last year, but media write that due to the latest perturbations in Groupe Renault, the model may be very delayed or not appear at all, since Luca de Meo, the head of the French company, wants to promote in this region primarily crossovers on the CMF-B platform and they are not yet represented even in Romania, the new Duster and its larger brother Bigster.

The Dacia and Renault brands were merged into a single business unit and their model lines were transferred to the CMF-B platform. In fact, our new Logan is a new Lada, which will replace Granta and Vesta in 2023.

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