2022 Nissan Patrol NISMO

Nissan’s new Patrol NISMO leaks completely before the announcement! With a dynamic body and red accents for a cool finish. Toyota’s new Land Cruiser 300 and Lexus’ new LX will compete head-on with rivals!

The new Nissan Patrol changes version announced and released by Nissan for the Arab Emirates in 2019, but the new Patrol NISMO, which is a higher performance grade of this model before the development vehicle that seems to be was spy shot and became a big topic.

It was the development vehicle of the new Patrol NISMO that was first spy shot on the public road in UAE Dubai, but this time there is no camouflage or other camouflage and it will be a complete leak with a dignified appearance.

The Instagram user AutonetMagz post, New Patrol NISMO completely leaked. The body color is a white expansion color with a voluminous feel, the front headlights are U-shaped LED daytime running lights close to the new frontier and the center is horizontal and has two vertical rows. Equipped with LED headlights and a large V-motion grill that can be said to be Nissan identity, the grill frame is covered with white tape.

And if you look at the front lower spoiler part, the red detail accent peculiar to Nismo has been added, but it seems that the gloss black spoiler and side winglets are also combined for a fairly aggressive styling. The horizontal grill pattern that creates a wide feeling is very impressive, but when it comes to NISMO specifications, it gives the impression that it is more like a mesh pattern than a horizontal grill bar.

The rear design based on the standard patrol, the tail lamp adopts a U-shape like the front LED daylight and a plated garnish is added to the center. The rear diffuser is finished in gloss black and muffler finishers with a little mouth are installed on both sides. The NISMO badge is affixed to the rear tailgate, but when you look closely, it looks like Nismo S. In addition to white, the new black Patrol Nismo is also a spy shot. Both have a dynamic body, but when it comes to black it feels even more intimidating.

It is said that RAYS 22-inch forged aluminum wheels are installed, but it is hard to say whether this will be adopted for the new Patrol NISMO as it is. After that, by installing the NISMO exclusive suspension it seems likely that various measures have been taken, so that the center of gravity can be lowered with a slight lowdown and sporty driving.

A red detail accent has also been added to the rear diffuser, increasing the sportiness at once. Compared to the NISMO specifications, the area around the rear lower bumper gives a rather simple and calm impression. There is no spy shot of the interior, but the interior of the standard model is transcendental luxury. Dual display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity features, new diamond stitch quilted leather seats with padding, hand stitch steering wheel and center console, and interior. The airflow distribution system for quick cooling is also standard equipment, which greatly improves the comfort of the interior space.

Regarding the powertrain that is of concern, rumor has it that the maximum output of 428 horsepower will be achieved by tuning the engine while keeping the 5.6-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine. It is not clear when it will be released, but it is expected to be around the end of 2021.

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