2022 Nissan Caravan

The 2022 New Nissan Caravan With Minor Changes.

The front grill design which can be said to be Nissan’s identity, has been partially changed to a more dynamic and powerful grill design.

The new caravan is said to have updated the interior layout and functionality, specifically, a new fine vision meter with a 5-inch TFT multi-color display and a new shape D type. In the rear seats there are various seat arrangements behind the second row, so it is nice to be able to stay in the car and use it as a small work space.

For the powertrain, the performance of both the 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter engine has not changed and the transmission has been revised in WLTC mode by improving the specifications of the 7-speed AT and modifying the program. The average mode fuel consumption is 8.2 kilometer per liter.

In addition to this, all models are equipped with a seat with a spinal support function that reduces fatigue during long drives even when maintaining a neutral posture.

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2022 New Nissan Caravan With Minor Changes

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