2022 Great Wall Tank 400

New Great Wall SUV: the relatively affordable Tank 400.

The Great Wall Tank 400 model officially debuted. The new car is built in the currently popular Mecha style and has a strong sense of the future as a whole.

The Tank 400 has a rather brutal look, the design is still its own, features merged with the radiator grille headlights, vertical blocks of rear lights and large exterior mirrors. Bright accents from the outside are apparently the prerogative of the concept.

The interior, there is a multimedia system with a widescreen touchscreen, underneath there are central air vents hidden in a single line and even below there is a row of physical buttons. The side air ducts were made round. Curiously, the Tank 400 has analog instruments in the form of three wells. This all terrain vehicle is only available for five. The blue ambient light strip in the car echoes the exterior.

For the power configuration, The arsenal of new items includes a demultiplex and a rear cross axle differential lock, it will also be possible to order a front lock. Under the hood is a new petrol V6 3.0-L with combined injection two turbochargers and a 48 volt starter generator. The engine produces 354 horsepower and 300Nm of torque, it is paired with a nine speed automatic transmission.

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New Great Wall SUV: Tank 400

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