2022 DS E-Tense Performance

The New 2022 DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE Revealed.

The new DS E-Tense Performance a supercar based on a carbon monocoque with twin electric motors producing 815 horsepower and a four wheel drive transmission.

The DS E-Tense Performance which highlights its connection to the 2016 model car but at the same time they have almost nothing in common. The carbon fiber monocoque body has been completely redesigned, its outer plumage, especially the front showing the style of future DS models.

The power plant this time is twin engine directly borrowed from the Formula E-cars, the drive is correspondingly all wheel drive. The power of the front electric motor is 250 kilowatt the rear one is 350 kilowatt. The total power is 600 kilowatt and all of it is available, including with regenerative braking. The maximum torque at the wheels is 8,000 Nm.

The battery of the French company Saft, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies has a deeply integrated cell cooling system to avoid overheating in extreme operation. The suspension is designed according to racing canons (details not disclosed), but will provide a good ride on normal roads.

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