2022 Buick GL8 Avenir Luxury Minivan

The 2022 Buick GL8 Avenir Luxury Minivan Gets Mild-Hybrid Tech In China.

The Buicks GL8 Avenir is entering the 2022 model year with significant visual and mechanical upgrades. More standard and optional equipment, improved ride quality, and most importantly, a new electrified powertrain are the highlights of the refreshed model.

The new powertrain, it is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine mated to a nine speed automatic gearbox. The setup is supported by a 48 volt electric motor, a 48 volt battery, and a power management module. The smart system, Buick says, enables braking energy regeneration and electric boost and should be up to six percent more efficient than the engine it replaces.

Already available to order in China, the updated 2022 GL8 Avenir is offered with a selection of three exterior colors and is priced between $67,572 to $82,428.

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2022 Buick GL8 Avenir Luxury Minivan

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