2022 Arrera Automobili SD+

Arrera Automobili Takes One Step Further With 1,800-HP SD+ Supercar.

The very first Albanian supercar. The Illyrian Pure Sport, but it seems like Thaqia and his Arrera Automobili company had to cancel that project for now for something bigger. The SD+ and Arrera Automobili sent us a handful of images of the Albanian hypercar along with the complete details of its massively powerful powertrain.

The powertrain, Exclusively made by Wolfgang Kizler for the company, the hypercar is powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine with 90 degree pistons. Power output is at 1,800 horsepower and 1,500 Newton meters of torque on normal fuel, pulling a target weight of less than 1,230 kilograms. Arrera said that they are confident to break the record of being the fastest hypercar on the planet.

The design, Thaqi who designed the Illyrian Pure Sport, also penned the SD+ that is completely made out of carbon fiber. He is said to be inspired by Formula 1, especially the aero bits of the car. Each part of the hypercar exterior has a function, most notably for aerodynamic efficiency. One nifty example is the emblem at the back, which functions to quickly push out hot air from the engine compartment and let the cool air inside for the oil pump.

The Arrera SD+ also has an interesting nomenclature. S stands for Skanderbeg, who is an Albanian military commander, D stands for the number 500 Roman numerals, which would represent 500 kilometers per hour, the plus sign stands for the plan to go beyond that mentioned speed.

Arrera said that the SD+ will be fully revealed next year.

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