2021 Roewe RX3/5 PRO

The compact SUV of the brand belonging to the SAIC concern has noticeably changed in appearance, there are also new things in the cabin, although there are fewer of them.

The Roewe RX3 crossover appeared in 2017, it opens the brands SUV line. This model did not achieve any noticeable success at home, although its design was made based on the company bestseller, the larger RX5 SUV.

The updated RX3 received a Pro prefix, that is the old cross, apparently will remain in service, a common thing for China. Roewe RX5 is presented in two versions, modernized, with the Plus prefix, and pre-reform.

The Pro version with its older brother, it has its own design, this SUV is not similar to the simple RX5 or RX5 Plus. The upper grille was reduced, the lower one on the contrary, became larger and the SUV got new LED headlights. The lanterns have the same shape, but the filling has been replaced, they are no longer pierced by a chrome strip. A new Roewe emblem was installed at the front and there is now an inscription with the brand name on the tailgate. Due to a different body kit, the length of the RX3 Pro has grown by 29mm to 4,437mm. The rest of the dimensions have not changed, the width is 1,804mm, height is 1,651mm, and the wheelbase is 2,625mm.

The interior, another front panel and steering wheel, bright inserts appeared. The crossover also got a new multimedia system with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, the predecessor had an 8-inch tablet and apparently got the climate control on it, because under the display, instead of a block with buttons and washers, there is now a compartment for small things. But the now fashionable virtual tidy RX3 is still not allowed, but a color screen has been added, the pre-reform cross has a monochrome one.

Roewe is still silent about technology. In the documents of the certification body, there was only one motor, 1.6-L with a capacity of 125 horsepower. On the pre-reform SUV this engine is combined with a five-speed manual or variator. On the brands website for the pre-styling RX3, a 1.3-L turbo engine, with 163 horsepower is also indicated in conjunction with a 6-speed automatic transmission, front drive only, but this version is no longer in the catalogs of Chinese profile media.

The Roewe RX3 Pro will enter the home market in the near future.

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