2021 New Peugeot 308

The Peugeot has unveiled the new generation 308 compact hatchback, which in fact, turned out to be a deep modernization of the previous one.

The new generations Peugeot 308 followed the same scenario as in the volkswagen Golf a year and a half ago, in the technical sense, nothing has changed fundamentally, but there are many visual differences. The 308 has retained the modular EMP2 platform, which on passenger models does not imply electric versions, that are so relevant now in Europe, plug in hybrid ones and they will be the first to go on sale in the second half of the year, but there will also be traditional gasoline and diesel versions.

A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 12.4 kilowatt hour is located under the boot floor and eats up part of its volume. In hybrid versions, the trunk holds 361-liters in gasoline and diesel versions, 412-liters plus a 28-liter niche under the floor. A full battery charge is enough for 59 to 60 kilometer of the WLTP cycle with the engine switched off. Charging time from a 7.4 kilowatt, 32-amp terminal is 1 hour 55 minutes.

Purely petrol versions are a 3-cylinder 1.2-liter PureTech turbo engine, with a return of 110 or 130 horsepower paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. For the 130 strong version, you can order an 8-speed hydromechanical automatic. The urea 1.5-liter Blue Hdi diesel engine will be offered only in 130 horsepower version paired with manual or automatic transmission. The volume of the fuel tank for gasoline and diesel versions is 52-liters for hybrid versions is 40-liters.

The Peugeot 308 was the first to try on a new corporate emblem with a lion head on the shield, it has an integrated adaptive cruise control radar, which on expensive versions works up to a full stop, and is able to overtake. Equipping with electronic driver assistants, is clearly made with an eye to the highest Euro NCAP rating, driver fatigue monitoring, all round cameras, cyclist and pedestrian recognition system, automatic speed control in turns, an advanced traffic sign recognition system, and more are provided.

The interior architecture with a small steering wheel and a dashboard above it has been preserved, but all the elements are new. The shield itself in expensive versions is completely virtual, 10-inch with a 3D effect. The multimedia screen is also 10-inch. The AKP selector is now fashionable, has been reduced to the size of a USB stick. The microclimate unit partially retained the physical keys. The total volume of storage niches in the cabin is 34-liters. The top 10 speaker 690 watt audio system is from Focal, but the Arkamys processor is responsible for processing the music path.

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