2021 New MG Extender Pickup Truck

The New MG Extender pickup truck was radically transformed in appearance.

The MG Extender pickup truck of the once British brand was radically transformed in appearance, but the interior of the reform was almost the same.

In the MG range, a frame pickup appeared in 2019, the model was not developed from scratch, it is a clone of the Chinese Maxus T70, which in turn is a modernized version of the Maxus T60. Both brands belong to the SAIC, Maxus originated from the British LDV, which was once owned by the GAZ Group. The first market for the MG truck was Thailand, where it is called Extender, local assembly machines are offered to buyers. The Thai people did not like the model of the once British brand but in this country they love pickup trucks.

The Extender completely repeated the Maxus T90, they did not even bother with the front grille, although the pre reform MG pickup had its own. The changes are massive horizontal chrome plated, the model also got two story head optics running lights are located on top, below there are blocks of main headlights and fog lights, all this is good on LED, new front bumper, hood and lights, plus additional glowing sections are still adorned at the stern.

The pickup will be available in Thailand with a one and a half or double cab. But in China, according to preliminary data, the Maxus T90 does not have a simple version. So far, only the dimensions of the restyled MG Extender Double Cab have been disclosed and for this version they have not changed.

Inside the MG Extender it remained the same at all, only the color scheme was replaced, now it is black and brown finish. The ninetieth got a completely new interior, it has a different front panel, the central air vents moved lower, a virtual tidy appeared, combined with a touchscreen of the multimedia system and a non fixed automatic joystick.

The MG Extender engine was not affected by the reforms either in Thailand, the model is equipped with a 2.0-L turbo diesel, with 161 horsepower, which is paired with six-speed manual, or automatic transmission, rear or four wheel drive. The pickup has a spar frame and a continuous rear axle with leaf springs.

Under the MG brand, the truck is still sold in some countries of the Middle East.

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