2021 Great Wall PAO Pickup Truck

The Great Wall PAO Pickup Truck Black Bullet Edition.

The Great Wall PAO Pickup Black Bullet Edition the mass production version at the Great Wall booth in Shanghai Auto Show 2021, it was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show last year.

The entire body of PAO Black Bullet Edition uses matte black spray paint supplemented by orange decoration, which looks very vibrant. Originally a very strong figure it looks wild after adding some exaggerated decorations.

As for the power configuration, it is the same as the regular version of the Great Wall PAO equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine with 190 horsepower and 360 Newton meter of torque, matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission and adopts a four-wheel drive system.

More importantly, it announced the pre sale price, 230,000 to 250,000 Chinese Yuan and the new car will be delivered in July this year.

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