2021 Changan Crossover CS55

The Changan Crossover CS55 has changed its image in a new generation and has become a little more powerful.

The CS55 SUV in the Changan range appeared in 2017, a year later the design was slightly tweaked, and in 2019 a radically transformed cross made its debut in China, this version received the Plus prefix to the name. At the same time, the pre reform SUV is still in service. Generation change can cheer up demand, and we are talking about CS55 Plus. Some media report that the previous Plus will not disappear from the sale.

The crossover resembles a simplified version of the Changan flagship Uni-K, Plus has a similar streamlined silhouette, Also got a mosaic grille, headlights of a similar shape, and a two piece brake light built into the spoiler. But retractable door handles are the prerogative of unique, as are the taillights made in the form of a single plate. It is quite possible that the CS55 Plus, with the change of generations, moved to the platform on which the Uni-K is built.

The images show the multimedia system screen and the washer towering above the front panel, but not the fact that the latter changes gears, it may be responsible for the choice of the driving mode. Also in the list of equipment is a panoramic roof.

So far, only one engine has been found in the documents of the Ministry of Industry, a gasoline turbo four, 1.5-L with a 188 horsepower capacity. The old CS55 Plus is available with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic gearbox with two clutches, only front drive. Meanwhile, in China, the first generation crossover still has an electric version, the new CS55 will most likely the same.

The second-generation SUV should enter the home market this year.

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