2021 All New Nissan NV300 Combi

The New Nissan NV300 Combi.

The Nissan NV300 minibus of the Japanese brand, has noticeably changed both outside and inside, the list of available equipment has been expanded. The model will be offered with a diesel engine with three power options.

The Nissan designers did not have enough fuse for the interior, inside the model completely repeats Renault Trafic 2021 only the emblems were replaced. If we compare with pre styling cars, the metamorphoses are colossal, a new front panel, steering wheel and tidy appeared, the multimedia system screen now hovers, and the air vents were made rectangular they were round. The number of storage spaces has also been increased. As before, the NV300 is capable of carrying up to 9 passengers.

The Nissan NV300 minibus has acquired adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring systems, lane departure warning, and road sign recognition. The company also announced about improved front passenger airbags, apparently, it means that like Renault, the pillow is designed for two, because next to the driver there can be not only a chair, but also a two seater sofa.

The Nissan NV300 shares equipment with Trafic, in Europe the cars are available with a 2.0L dCi diesel, which has three versions, 110, 150 or 170 horsepower. The basic version is combined only with the mechanics, the middle one still has a robotic box with two clutches and only the latter is provided for the top diesel engine.

The restyled Nissan NV300 should appear there in May.

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