2021 All-New Hyundai Elantra Preview

All-new Hyundai Elantra is coming. We know this because we have seen prototypes testing for some time now, and our most recent sighting showed a car that looked production-ready beneath its covers. Hyundai is telling the world point-blank that the new Elantra is coming. And you will be able to see it on March 17, 2020.

Looking at the teaser image of the new “Elantra”, it evolved into a very stylish 4-door coupe. The LED daytime running lights, which seem to be horizontal, are illuminated at the front, and it feels as if the headlights are quite aggressive.

This minus-one-week occasion, Hyundai dropped a couple of teaser images showing what it is calling a four-door coupe with some rather dramatic body lines. The four-door does appear to have a sweeping coupe-like roof, we suspect more than a few people will favor calling this a sedan.

Inside, the single teaser image for the interior reveals a very minimalistic atmosphere. A large center touchscreen seems to blend seamlessly into what should be a digital display for the driver as well. There are no discernable buttons on the center console or the door panel, with just a couple of toggle buttons seen on the steering wheel. This is just a teaser images so expect to see something a bit different come reveal day.

It is a bit dark and hard to see, but it looks pretty simple. Although the driver’s side infotainment system is invisible, it probably employs a full digital gauge cluster, and seems to have a sculpted widescreen infotainment display in the center to flow seamlessly from there. I think that unnecessary physical switches like this have been eliminated and integrated by touch screen operation.

If you look a little closer, the steering wheel adopts a unique 4-spoke and red accents running along the steering and dashboard are worrisome, but it is also likely to be a kind of ambient light. It is also worth noting that an immersive cabin equipped with a transmission tunnel incorporating a grab handle that separates the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat is used.

Although detailed information such as powertrain has not been clarified, is it likely that plug-in hybrid (PHV) models will be adopted based on gasoline engines? There are rumors that there is.

The 2021 Elantra will go live on March 17. Specifically, a press conference and livestream event at The Lot Studios in West Hollywood. As for production models, Hyundai says the new Elantra will be available to buyers beginning in September.

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