2020 Suzuki Swift Sport KATANA Edition

Suzuki has a new special Katana Edition of the Swift Sport at the Tokyo Auto Salon, paying tribute to their iconic and recently revived Katana motorcycle.

This is not Suzuki’s first Swift Sport Katana Edition, as the Japanese automaker had revealed a limited production model last year exclusively for Holland, but this one dials it up a few notches through a wide body kit with flared fenders.

The new Swift Sport Katana Edition features the same silver color with the bike, along with plenty of vibrant red and black detailing, including the roof, that further boosts the visual presence of the new body kit.

First of all, from the front design.
As a sword edition, it will be a collaboration model with the two wheel model KATANA located next to it, but its radical design and sharp edged silhouette are the sword itself.

Speaking of which, we get a new front bumper that matches the extra width of the flared fenders. The rear end gets a similar treatment with a new bumper that integrates a set of bigger tailpipes.

The front grill has a silver body and sharpness with glossy gloss black paint and you can also see that the front bumper is also transplanted for the sword edition.
As a result, the front splitter has a red accent added to it and I think it is a very radical and sporty one.

Seating underneath those sweet flares are new wider alloys finished in black with a red lip and shod in sticky Yokohama tires. A set of fatter side sills along with a bigger roof wing smoked lights all around and a set of decals completes the visual changes on the outside.

The only thing that was a bit disappointing was that the front fog lights seemed a bit cheaper because they were halogen instead of LED.

Not only how to extend the front fender, but also the external rear over fender is quite extreme, and because the underbody is low down due to the installation of a dedicated sports suspension it was finished at a pretty good feeling low. It is surprising that Suzuki is doing this officially again.

The interior gets a special gradient titanium trim on the dashboard the door cards and the center console that is reminiscent of a heated muffler, along with red stitching on the seats, the steering wheel and the gear lever. A special plaque in front of the passenger with the Katana logo is also present.

The aluminum wheels at the feet are also radical.
Gloss black painted aluminum wheels with red detail accents for a better overall harmony.
It is good that the brake calipers around the undercarriage are also red to ensure consistency.

Excellent compatibility with roof spoilers with hidden red accents and wide overfenders.
Not only from the front but also from the rear the feeling of gorgeousness is transmitted so much.

Muffler installed, dual exhaust system with one side, The wide and low style stands out,

Suzuki did not mention any powertrain upgrades with the regular Swift Sport motivated by a turbocharged 1.4 liter Boosterjet four cylinder engine producing 138hp and 230Nm of torque and paired to a six speed manual transmission.

The bike inspired Swift Sport appears to be sitting on an upgraded suspension while the wheels reveal more capable brakes as well.

Suzuki’s wonderful point is that it does not allow such a compromise at all with a sense of unity.

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